Amazing Custom Creations
Wedding & Event Planner

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No bride ever forgets her wedding day,and with our help, your guests won't either. Our team will help create this unforgettable day by providing you with the top professionals in the wedding industry. Precise attention will be given to every detail. You and your friends will be pampered in every way.

When the need arises to handle incoming groups, we provide ground transportation, hotel accommodations and air travel for the weary traveler.

Once we determine the objective and vision of the event, our Event team will suggest the most creative and cost effective way that will work with the selected venue. We incorporate the following in the overall design:
INVITATION —  Custom-made intations using a variety of papers to prepare the guests for the unforgettable event.
WEDDING CAKES —  So incredible that you will WOW your guests.
VIDEOGRAPHY —  That will produce a record of the occasion that will last forever.
COSMETICS —  Enhancing the beauty of you and your bridal party with high fashion techniques and individual styling know-how.
TRAVEL —  We arrange for a romantic and memorable honeymoon.
MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT —  Creating an enchanted mood and keeps your guests entertained and talking about the event for months to come.
DECOR —  From custom sets and backdrops to theatrical lighting and creative arrangements that set the tone for the entire events.
FLORAL FANTASY'S —  Created using a variety of products,High tech:Lasers,pyrotechnics,balloon drops and many more special effects can be used to heighten the senses.
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