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We offer Personalized candy bars, mintbooks, bottled water and much more for all your special occasion. By creating your own special message, becomes a unique gift, mementos, and advertisement for clients, family and friends. Together we will design the perfect design and message to compliment your occasion and WOW! your guests.

With more than 250 professional designs to choose from, we offer a wrapper design for just about every occasion imaginable! Contact me by phone or email and together we can find the perfect products and designs for your event. All products can be personalized with sentiments and photos. Themed orders can be made with the same design across all product lines. Orders from my large inventory of designs can be processed in just a few days. Special designs can be rushed from the factory, but will take a few days longer.

The Price for Candy bars is $2.00 ea with a minimum order of 10. Discounts can be given for higher quantity orders.

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